Jay Gould

Senior Engineer at Haven

Next.js, TypeScript, JWT boilerplate

A simple implementation of a Next.js server side rendered web application written in TypeScript with JWT authentication and a Postgres DB.

I like the idea of creating boilerplates as a way to learn a piece of tech, which is what I did with this project. This repo was created a while ago now, back at the start of 2019, but I’ve iterated on it a couple of times and used it as a starter for my own projects a few times.

It’s a good starter to use to build something quick because of the Docker integration, allowing a any machine to get started in seconds. It’s essentially just an authentication system, but as I’ve noted in a number of blog posts in the past, I see these as a great way to get stuck in to any language, framework or library because there’s so many parts of the tech stack involved.

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