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My TypeScript, Fastify and Prisma starter project wrapped with Docker

May 08, 2022

A detailed description of creating my next modern Node.js API starter project with TypeScript, and how I got it working on a Mac M1 machine.

Processing third party form data in Next.js using Webhooks

April 20, 2022

How to receive JSON formatted multipart form data in a Next.js serverless function from a form service webhook, such as Jotform.

The 'too many connections for role' error with Postgres on serverless

April 06, 2022

Why the 'too many connections' error happens with Postgres on a Node.js serverless function like Vercel, how to stop it so you app runs smoothly, and an attempt at connection pooling

Developing a turn based real-time battle game with Next.js and WebSockets

March 31, 2022

Overview of a JavaScript Pokemon battle system re-make from the 90's Game Boy classic, some of the challenges faced during development, and how they were... tackled.

Resizing and uploading images to object storage with Sharp and Backblaze

February 27, 2022

Writing a script to pull images from an external URL, resize each image, and upload to object storage, all done with Node.js.

Installing websites as apps on mobile and desktop devices

January 22, 2022

Using Progressive Web App technology to allow users to install websites on their devices using service workers and manifest files while providing offline support.

Making screenshots for social sharing with Puppeteer & Node

December 28, 2021

How to create dynamic screenshots of a page for use when sharing on social media with Open Graph images.

Image performance in components with Cloudinary

November 21, 2021

Cloudinary makes it easy to get images in any shape or size, but this method leverages React components to make development easier, quicker, and performant.

Using caching to limit API requests for a lightning fast app

October 26, 2021

Using local database and Redis caching to help speed up your application and ensure you're not hitting those API request limits.

Making a simple rating system with React Native

September 29, 2021

How to make a 5 star rating system in a React Native app, with a Node JS server and Postgres database. This solution was used in my Cinepicks app.

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